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Activities for Children In and Around San Miguel de Allende

Many people think that San Miguel is a playpen for adults. Not true! Children are welcome and safe in San Miguel de Allende, and there are and there plenty of fun things for kids to do. The Mexican culture loves children, so don’t be surprised by someone stopping just to dote on your infant! Restaurants enjoy kids of all ages and no one will frown if your kid wants to investigate all the corners of the room.

And if your kids want to do something really fun, take them for a nature walk at the botanical gardens at El Charco!



Things To Do for Kids Visiting San Miguel

Suggested by Ed Clancy, US Consul in San Miguel de Allende (and proud father of two boys!)

  • Swimming in the La Gruta hot springs nearby
  • Trail rides/horseback riding
  • Trail rides + overnight camping (Coyote Canyon Adventures)
  • Art classes
  • El Tianguis Tuesday Market (Blvd. de la Conspiracion, 2/10th of a mile east of the Allende Glorieta)
  • Bike riding in the country with Beto
  • Check out Casa de la Cultura on weekends (Bajada del Chorro #4, 415 154-5670)
  • Look into things at the Biblioteca (Insurgentes/Loreto, 415 152-0293))
  • Saturday art classes at the Biblioteca
  • Volunteer at SPA (Society for the Protection of Animals, 415 152-6124)
  • Speak English in the afternoons with Mexican kids studying English
  • Drink cappuccino and talk about life, art, philosophy at Cafe Buenos Dias
  • Ask Esperanza for cappuccino lessons at Billy's
  • Wednesday afternoon poker game 1-4
  • Volunteer as a ticket taker or usher for the Baroque Concert Series
  • Hang out at Parque Juarez
  • Eat exotic ice creams in Dolores Hidalgo
  • Host Viernes de Dolores night (Friday preceding Holy Week)
  • Help Centro Bilingue with Viernes de Dolores altar and presentation
  • Dye sawdust for the presentations by the 7 churches
  • Participate in Palm Sunday procession
  • Videotape street musicians in san Miguel
  • Arrange meeting with Mayor Lucy and explain need for chess tables in the Jardin
  • Eat tortas at Tortitlan (Ancha San Antonio 43, 152-8931)
  • Eat burritacos on Mesones
  • Eat enchiladas at night on Murillo
  • Arcade at La Luciernaga (La Luciernaga, "the firefly", shopping mall, arts, culture; Librramento/Salida a Queretaro)
  • There is some kind of amusement park in Juriquilla (I understand)
  • Watch hang gliders at El Salto
  • Have the maid in the rental house teach him how to make flan
  • A week of guitar classes
  • Regional Mexican dance classes at Casa de la Cultura
  • Photography classes
  • Tin nicho class
  • Assemblage class with Anado (Ando McLauchin: extraordinary assemblage artist, 415 155-8044)
  • Document Mexico vacation and make book using blurb software
  • Learn how to make Globos de Cantoya from the old guy on Chorro
  • Hang out with Hermes at Charco (El Charco de Ingenio: nature walks, botanical gargens and much more...)
  • Volunteer at El Charco


More Ideas -

  • Club Deportivo on Santo Domingo is family oriented: classes for kids and adults; lap pool and fully equipped gym. Very reasonable prices as well. Call Antonio for more information: 415 101-8172
  • Parque Juarez has a beautiful new playground with all kinds of playing, climbing, swing and sliding stuff!
  • Artesians Market is located next to the Ignacio Ramirez covered market between Loreto and Colegio
  • Xote Parque Acuatico: Five pools, three water slides, swimming lessions, voleyball, soccer field and playgrounds over five acres of lawns. san Miguel de Allende to Delores Hidalgo highway, 2.6 miles past the intersection of highways 51 and 57, turn left for 2.5 miles, 01.461.5989


Safety for Kids in San Miguel de Allende

Family Medicine:

  • Dra. Jessica dela Rosa Palacios  52 415 154-8197


  • Dr. Antonio Marco Chavez Mijangos  52 415 154-6613
  • Dra. Alicia Lesmes Combariza  52 415 152-7417
  • Dr. Francisco Jose Luna Sanchez  52 415 152-7212
  • Dr. Sergio Juan Ortiz Gonzalez  52 415 155-8126


Eating and Drinking: at home, make sure to soak fruit and vegetables in Microdern disinfectant and drink only bottled water

Playing outdoors: because of San Miguel's high altitude, 6,150 feet above sea level, sunscreen is a must and hats are recommended.