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San Miguel Weather And Forecast

San Miguel de Allende is world famous for its mild climate. However, San Miguel has distinct seasons. The cool time of year is from November through February. The warm/hot months are March through June. The rainy season usually starts mid-May and can extend through October.

"San Miguel de Allende is in central Mexico -- prepare for extremes! The weather can be very hot during the day, but much, much cooler at night. 40°F/25°C swings are not uncommon, with drops to freezing on occasion in Dec/Jan. Bring a light jacket to put on over your short sleeves.

San Miguel is a year-round destination with over 320 days of sunshine. It is generally dry and dusty in springtime, the hottest month being May when daytime temperatures can rise to 90°F/35°C. Rainy season: June - October. However, rain usually comes in short bursts and it's rare for there to be days of consistent cloud. Plus it's greener in summer."  (Trip Advisor).


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