Vacation Rentals Listed by Owner in San Miguel de Allende

 Transportation to San Miguel de Allende


From from Mexico City
: About 4 hours

The least expensive option is to take a deluxe AreoPlus bus (same company as Primera Plus) from Mexico City Airport to the Queretaro Central Bus Station. These busus are deluxe with restrooms. They usually show a movie and offer a sandwich and soft drink. The trip is about 3.5 hours. Bus seats are about $24. Buy a ticket at the booth just outside Terminal D in Mexico City Airport where the AeroPlus buses are.

Bus Schedules to Queretaro start about 8:30 AM and continue about every hour until 9 PM at night. There are a few buses that run between the hour. Then, at Queretaro Central Bus Station, buy a prepaid taxi voucher at the booth as you leave the terminal fro the remaining trip to San Miguel. The cost is about $35 and the trip takes about 45 minutes. The good thing about this approach is that the taxi driver can take you directly to the house (versus ending your trip by bus at the bus terminal, and then catching a cab).

The other option is to take a taxi from Mexico City Airport across town to the North Terminal bus station (Del Norte) where you would take either a Primera Plus or ETN bus (both first-class buses) all the way to San Miguel. These buses also stop in Queretero. Be guided by how long either option would take and choose the one that would take the least amount of time. 

Private car from Mexico City to San Miguel runs around US$250.

From Leon International (BJX):About 1.5 hours

Tours and Transportation Services:

Private service to Leon Airport:
Car 1-3 passengers, One way US$68. Round trip US$130.
Van 1-3 passengers, One way US$90. Round trip US$175.


Viajes San Miguel

Private car from Leon to San Miguel is US$80 (up to 3 people)

Van services run between the Leon (BJX) Airport and San Miguel de Allende.

Cost per trip depends on the number traveling. You can also arrange personal pickup for one or more in your party.
Telephone from the US is:
Voice: 011-52-415-152-2832 and 2537 
Fax from USA: 011-52-415-152-2538

Viajes Vertiz (American Express Office)

Malinda Vertiz, Manager (bi-lingual)
Rates are similar to Viajes San Miguel.
Voice: 011-52-415-152-1856 from USA: 011-52-415-152-0499 


 Money Exchange

The best way to get pesos is through an ATM machine which gives you the best exchange rate. Both US and Mexican banks now charge for ATM services. If they do, the machine will state so. Most machines have a maximum limit of 3000 pesos per withdrawal but you can make several withdrawals in succession up to your card's limit. Some machines go up to 5000 pesos per withdrawal. You will find machines in the airports.  Wise to call your bank issuing the ATM card as well as your credit card company to tell them you will be traveling in Mexico so they will not block use of your card for unusual activity.