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Popular Festivals and Fiestas in San Miguel de Allende

In Mexico, as the Nobel-winning Mexican poet Octavio Paz once noted, “any occasion for getting together will serve, any pretext to stop the flow of time and commemorate men and events with festivals and ceremonies.” Mexicans love a good reventón (party), and there are Festivals and Fiestas in San Miguel almost every day -- especially this year, as Mexicans commemorate the bicentennial of its Independence (September 16) and the centennial of its Revolution (November 20).


Festivals and Fiestas Throughout the Year:


1   New Year's Day: a legal holiday

3   Birthday of Independence hero "El Pipila"

6   Three Kings Day: Epiphany; gifts are given to children;end of Christmas festivities with the arrival of the three Maji to the infant Jesus.

17  San Antonio Abad's Day: The churches of San Antonio Abad, El Oratorio and San Juan de Dios, bless the animals to free them from ilness and to help in their development, under the protection of San Antonio.

21  Birthday of General Allende: Hero of National Independence; parades

24  Pilgrimage to San Juan de los Lagos: the departure of pilgrims from San Miguel to join thousands of pilgrims coming from many places in Mexico to travel to San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco; homage to the Virgin of San Juan. Departure ceremonies near the Train Station.


Virgen of La Candelaria's Day: Spring celebration and seeds are blessed to commorate the beginning of the planting season.

Seeds and plants in abundance are sold in Parque Juarez

 5  Constitution Day: legal holiday with government offices, schools and banks closed

14  St. Valentine's Day; Love

17  Ash Wednesday: Beginning of Lent

22  Death of Francisco Madero 1913

24  Dia de la Bandera; Flag day; Civic ceremony and parades


First Friday in March: Indian Conchero Dancers in front of La Parroquia

Carnaval Day: Carnavals take place in many places in Mexico and a five day celebration begins before the beginning of Lent.

8   Feast day of San Juan de Dios

17  St. Patrick's Day: green everywhere

19  Feast of San Jose: celebrations at the chapel

21  Birthday of Benito Juarez: famous President and national hero; a legal holiday

21  Beginning of Spring and Aztec New Year's Day: colorful parade with children in costume as flowers and animals


10  Death of Emiliano Zapata in 1919

21  American Invasion in 1914: flags at half-mast

30  Child's Day: festivals are held for children at schools and are offered small presents and games


1    There is a celebration every Sunday to honor the Virgin Mary during "Maria Month" in a different neighborhood church in San Miguel

   Labor Day: a legal holiday with parades

3    La Santa Cruz: Holy Cross, day for masons and builders;altars are erected at all construction sites; work stops at noon and the employers are expected to provide a party; firecrackers explode far into the night

5    Battle of Puebla: defeat of the french in 1862 by the triumph of General Ignacio Zaragoza; dances performed during the week

8    Birthday of Father Miguel Hildalgo

10  Dia de las Madres: Mother's Day

15  Fiesta of San Isidro: patron saint of agriculture, herds and flocks mainly honored in rural communities; cattle are decorated with paper garlands, then blessed; the celebration is associated with bringing rain in the coming season

21  Death of Venustiano Carranza in 1920

26  Feast Day of San Filipe Neri, founder of the Congregation of the Oratorio


Sunday after June 13: Fiesta de los Locos with crazy costume parade

11  Corpus Cristi Day: processions

22  Birthday of Ignacio Ramirez, "El Nigromante"

24  Feast Day of St. John the Baptist

26  Death of General Allende in 1911: Civic ceremony in Plaza Civica



Third Sunday:  Feast of Atotonilco at Atotonilco; fiesta and Indian dances

1    Canada Day celebrations

4    U.S. Independence Day celebrations

16  Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen: beginning of a series of ritual cebrations continuing until the end of the month

18  Anniversary of the death of Benito Juarez in 1872

30  Anniversary of the death of Father Hildago in 1811: Civic ceremonies



First two weeks: the Chamber Music Festival

8    Feast Day of santo Domingo

15  Assumption Day: La Asuncion de Maria Santisima


Last weekend: Feast of St. Michael celebrations. Last Friday: Arrival of Indians with Xuchiles.

8    Birthday of the Holy Virgin

13  Anniversary of the deaths of the Child Heros in 1847

15  El Grito: The Cry of Independence, Viva Mexico! Hidalgo's cry for Mexican Independence from Spain

16  Independence Day: a national holiday; parade

29  Feast Day of the Archangel St. Michael


  La Alborada, San Miguel Arcangel's birthday: Indian dances and fireworks from midnight to dawn in front of La Parroquia

   Arrival of the Indians with Xuchiles Xichiles are decorations made from flowers, plants and corn paste; music and fireworks in front of La Parroquia

10  Feast Day of San Francisco

12  Columbus Day: El Dia de la Raza

31  Halloween: Noche de Brujas


Last week: The International Jazz Festival.  Last two weeks: National Brass and Wool Fair.  Fourth Thursday: Thanksgiving.

1    All Saints Day: Todos los Santos

   All Souls Day: Day of the Dead celebrations

20  Anniversary of the 1910 Revolution: a legal holiday

22  Feast Day of Santa Cecilia: day for musicians


   Feast of the Immaculate Conception

12  Feast Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe

16  Christmas activities with posadas daily

24  Noche Buena: Christmas Eve

25  Christmas Day: a national holiday

31  New Year's Eve: midnight mass and fireworks