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Casa Misha, Hospitality...Redefined

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Beautifully renovated villa on one of the most prestigious streets two blocks from the Jardin in the center of San Miguel. Seven elegantly decorated private bedrooms.

This review from a visitor to Casa Misha in April 2010 says it all:

"Before March 19 my favorite hotel experience had been in a Marrakesh Riad. Casa Misha usurped that position within minutes of our arrival. I tend to be verbose, so I will categorize its areas of excellence. (There were no areas that were NOT excellent.)

The Casa:
Entering the foyer I felt as if I had been invited into the home of a local aristocrat. An antique love seat, plush chairs, amazing art work and Oriental rugs could have been a bit off-putting. But with the owners waiting for our arrival--and their canine puffball assuming we wanted her attention--nothing could have been further from the truth. That was just the beginning. Walking through ornate glass doors we found a lavishly planted courtyard. We spent several evenings at its trendy bar--twinkle lights in the trees and upbeat music floating from the sound system. There are many spots to have breakfast, dinner, or "chill time". A comfortably small--and very elegant--dining room, an antique filled living room and airy sun room are all a decorator's dream. The portrait above that sun room's fireplace is that of the owners' late dog--Misha. Wonder where the name for the Casa came from?

I am guessing that quite a few guests spend considerable time in the library. Yes, it had books to share, but its focal point is a huge, comfy sofa positioned in front of a 62 inch TV. The perfect place to watch the Dancing With the Stars Season Premier!

There are terraces everywhere. Read, eat, drink margaritas. Gorgeous foliage, comfortable furnishings, and (if needed) heaters, turned these plateaus into ideal areas to do absolutely nothing, have a special dinner, or be amazed with the views of San Miguel.

Then, OUR room! The room I had chosen off the website--conversed with the owners about--and brought enough luggage to fill. There was nothing that wasn't perfect about it--the antique iron four-poster (very comfortable) bed, overstuffed armchairs, armoire that easily held every bit of the too much clothing I had brought. And the walls--an armchair museum. 18th Century English prints, French watercolors from the 19th Century--and much more. I decided that all of the Limoges boxes should be used--a perfect place for my jewelry. The bathroom HAD to have been designed by a woman. Big, light, space for everything, a huge tub to soak in. Not the least of the room's attractions is the balcony we used for daily breakfast, watching the city's fireworks, and just being glad we were there.

Was this a bit "over the top"? Absolutely! Conversely, my husband pronounced it one of the most user friendly rooms he had stayed in.

The People:
Yes, Casa Misha is incredibly beautiful. But that is not what makes it what it is. It has a heart--that being its owners. Ed and Richard spent over four years building, decorating, furnishing, and perfecting. Everything framed, hung, walked on, sat on, or eaten off was bought on a special trip, passed on by family, or searched for by them alone. When I asked if they were ever concerned that something might break or be ruined, Ed shrugged his shoulders. "It is all here to be shared".

Service really isn't the word to describe what is provided. Everyone at Casa Misha seemed to feel that we were friends they would jump through hoops for to make sure our visit was the best possible. ie: The Doc Severinson concert was sold out. An employee went to the venue to plea our case, multiple phone calls were made, and finally Ed contacted someone that he had done a favor for--we had our tickets. (It was a fabulous evening.) We were going to miss a TV show that I really wanted to see. Richard ran out to get a tape, recorded the program, and we all watched it while drinking margaritas on their five person couch. Ed was always available to discuss places to go, see, eat--or just for a few hours of chat. We would return from our daily outings, plunk down on the sofa, and the afternoon would disappear into a sea of words.

Giselle and Magda--they make every guest request, effort made, emergency attended to appear routine. Examples abound! Two guests arrived at the airport having left their passports in their room safe. Without skipping a beat, Giselle got their flight information, contacted a driver who arrived immediately, and the passports were delivered. Magda made, canceled, and re-booked multiple dinner reservations. One evening my husband didn't feel great--I asked Magda if there was a nearby place that would deliver pizza. Within fifteen minutes pizza, china, and silver arrived at our door. Then there was the yogurt incident: On Trip Advisor I had questioned the availability of yogurt in town. As we settled in after arrival the exact yogurt I like was presented for my approval. (I never found out who took care of that!)

And everyone else----always pleasant, always helpful, did what was asked of them and did what we didn't realize we needed. In a different environment this type of behavior might be fawning or obsequious. Not so--just nice people doing what they feel is suitable and appropriate.

Susie and Elsa are part and parcel of a Casa Misha visit. (unless one doesn't want them to be). One small, one larger, extremely friendly, and part of the family--these rescue dogs are the resident "furchildren" for all of us who needed a canine fix.

The Food:
A subject for a review unto itself. From the Cinnamon French Toast to Ed's Crab Filled Pasta--it surpassed any of our meals in San Miguel. Long story short--no opportunity for caloric intake was skipped by either by husband or myself.

Yes this is long. No, it doesn't say all that needs to be said. Unfortunately words can not adequately convey what this type of experience can bring to a person and their vacation.

Bottom line: I do not, absolutely, unequivocally, want to return to San Miguel without staying at Casa Misha."

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Casa Misha offers every amenity you would expect a world class luxury botique hotel to have and more!