Vacation Rentals Listed by Owner in San Miguel de Allende

Silvia Cadena, known and beloved by all San Miguel de Allende residents as the the one person who can answer every question; the one to go to for solutions to any problem; the trusted source for a wide range of products and services that people in San Miguel need on a daily basis.

In her own words: "I´m Mexican, happy to have come to San Miguel. I love being part of this mixed community. My business is a services one, I love to be able to help and make life easier on those, every day, things, we have no other choice than to attend them...I really try to make it as easy and safe as possible."

And that she does, like no-one else. So if you find yourself in need of anything, call Silvia. If she can't help you right away, she will find someone who can.

You can contact Sylvia via email at